Message from the president

A long time have passed since apartment management as a good investment got recognized widely, and even after the collapse of the bubble economy, the Lehman crash, etc., sales of apartments as investments are still favorable. I think there is no other reason of this fact than people are worrying about their old age and the low interest rates caused by the recession, so the feeling of “ I have to take some action!” sprang up in people’s heart.

The prices fell, but on the other hand yield on investment gave a good return and this can also be regarded as the factor which made sales to extend. But just because sales are blooming, real estate agencies that cannot manage to survive long-term operations should not stand dabble in sales without any regard for appearances. However, unfortunately the actual situation is that such a trend exists and not a little.

First we stand wishes and offer them a property based on them. We are consulting on this every time together with the owner and we consider putting this into practice as the base of a reliable real estate management.

And we promise to contribute to society persistently and progressively, building a relationship of trust with all people concerned and taking a social responsibility as a company.

Nikko Residential
Representative Director Kazuma TAGA

Business Guide
Development Project Department
Consulting your residence fitting to yourself

With the recent improvement of our lifestyle, an even comfortable living environment has been demanded.

We are supporting our clients as advisors from various angles based on our rich specialized knowledge, experience and our comprehensive proficiency, finely and totally, using our network.

The strongest point of our company is our original property evaluating checkpoint system examined from various points of view, by that we can offer high quality properties with a stable value that other companies cannot.

We are thinking of real estate management as a way to help you to be able to keep living in a property for a long time. We are doing our best to be able to provide realizable and apt asset management plans by our excellent consulting team who are constantly following the actual market situation and demands.

Sales Department
Consulting a most suitable life plan for you

By the collapse of the pension plan and the lifetime employment system, the need of wealth accumulation as a way of self-defense has become a reality more and more.

At our sales department we are offering stable life plans by making good use of the real estate agencies of Tokyo down town.

The number of our clients who are at their 30’s to 50’s and are working regularly has explosively increased in recent years. We are thinking of serving both the management of compressing life expanses due to tax cuts, such as income tax, >and the pension measures, the streamlining of the current life insurance expanses, etc., we are thinking of these during operation. We are also mediating between the owners and the executive department in charge of follow-up services, helping the smooth (co)operation on a company basis.

Estate management companies tied up with us
Jingumae Properties Co.Ltd.
“Helping a good quality and a secure life”

For a real estate managing company, property management operations are very important. For the properties handled by Nikko Residential, we are requesting those operations to our cooperating partner company Jinguame Properties. For this, we are making good use of their high level management competency and their acquired know-how based on their actual achievements. We and they together are dealing reliably with each one case, gathering possible problems beforeh and, so that the owner and the tenant both can feel the housing secure and pleasant. We are taking care of each stage, from advertising through the procedures of contract and moving in, to the administration of moving out.

The most worrying thing in rental housing management is the afraid of “vacancy”. From subleasing to the consultation on the effective use of estate, you can rely on us thoroughly. You can be freed from all demerits (risks) because Jingumae Properties is undertaking them.

We, at Nikko Residential, together with Jingumae Properties are catering your needs constantly and are keeping on challenging new services.

Company Profile: Nikko Residential, Co.Ltd
Founded: June 2010
Representatives: Kazuma TAGA, Hideyuki YAMATO
Address: Etsuichi Bldg. 501, 6-19-16 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
License number: Tokyo governor license (1). No. 93308
Telephone number: 03-5469-6011
FAX: 03-5469-6012
Description of Business: Development and sale of land in lots for apartment, Real estate intermediation, Real estate leasing, Real estate consultation, Interior finishing works, Proxy and recruitment of property (nonlife) insurance
Affiliation: Jingumae Properties, Co.Ltd.
Member organizations: All Japan Real Estate Association Real Estate Guarantee Association Real Estate Information Network for East Japan
Correspondent financial institutions: Aeon Housing Loan Service,Co.Ltd., Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Higashi-Nippon Bank, Ltd., ORIX Bank, Resona Bank, SBJ Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Suruga Bank (in alphabetical order)
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